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What Are Nutraceuticals?

Your hormones are one of the most important regulatory systems embedded in your body. They act as messengers, designed to interact with specific target cells and organs and provoke a change or result. As we age, hormone production changes, and hormonal imbalance can occur. Unbalanced hormones can have a variety of side effects and symptoms.

Nutraceuticals are regulated by the FDA as a dietary supplement and food additive, containing health-bolstering effects that are seen to have some medicinal benefits. In the United States, most nutraceuticals are regulated as dietary supplements and food additives by the FDA. All BioTE Nutraceuticals are manufactured in facilities throughout the United States under cGMP guidelines and are held to specific potency and quality standards.

Nutraceuticals Make Your Hormones Work Better

What is in the DIM Supplement?

The DIM supplement contains a patented complex that enhances bioavailability of several ingredients critical to health. These include starch, diindolylmethane, Vitamin E, phosphatidylcholine and silica. The quality of the ingredients used in the DIM supplement is extremely high and pharmaceutical grade, formulated to help you experience optimal health.

What is in the Probiotic Supplement?

The probiotic supplement contains a patented complex of probiotic bacteria. These include Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and bifidobacterium logurn. The ingredients used in the probiotic supplement are extremely high, pharmaceutical grade ingredients formulated to help you experience optimal health.

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